Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Cat Face Island

Photoshop Cat Face Island [Preview]

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Cat Face Island

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00:00:08 Open image model (Download link at description)
00:00:23 Use Pen tool
00:00:56 Resize
00:01:07 Changing layer Opacity
00:01:28 Duplicate layer
00:01:36 Use Clone Stamp Tool
00:01:44 Hold ALT key and click
00:02:01 Hold ALT key and click
00:02:25 Duplicate layer
00:02:40 Layer lock
00:02:57 Rotation change
00:03:25 Layer via copy
00:03:28 Layer Lock
00:03:56 Layer via copy
00:03:59 Layer Lock
00:04:28 Layer via copy
00:04:31 Layer Lock
00:04:35 Speed
00:05:23 Hide Cat head layer
00:05:28 Unlock layer
00:05:34 Add mask for layer
00:05:48 Use brush tool (black color)
00:07:21 Show cat head layer
00:07:29 Duplicate layer
00:07:37 Blend mode: Multiply
00:08:00 Add Levels
00:08:24 Add layer mask
00:08:38 Use Brush Tool (White color)
00:09:54 Add curves
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Cat image
Island image