After Effects Tutorials – Sharingan Eye Effect

After Effects Tutorials – Sharingan Eye Effect

Hi! Welcome to After Effects Tutorial Series. In this tutorial, we research for Naruto this is Sharingan Eye Effect. Above is a video after effects and export and below is a video tutorial. In video had used model video and stock Sharingan you can download at bottom of post. if my link is error or you do not understand, you can comment below, I will answer for you. Also if you like my videos please subscribe to me! Thank you!

Tutorial video


Model videoStock

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    1. Hé, hé… je l’ai reçue aussi! Pratique et jolie, elle est top! Je ne l’ai pas encore sortie, il fait beau du côté de Perpignan, mais je voulais tenter avec du cuir… Ta version &##820;working&28221; est évidemment très réussie!!

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